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Veteran’s Epilepsy Centers

The Epilepsy Foundation Oregon in conjunction with the National Epilepsy Foundation has worked to support the development of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Epilepsy Centers of Excellence. Through federal legislation in 2008, Epilepsy Centers of Excellence (ECoE) were established in four regions and sixteen sites around the country to better serve veterans living with epilepsy (

Each VA ECoE supports research, education and clinical care activities in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. Seizure clinics, outpatient epilepsy education programs for patients and family, and ongoing support are a consistent component of each program.

A nationwide training program was established for VA patients and caregivers to improve the health and well-being of Veteran patients with epilepsy. The VA ECoC program regularly holds online training programs for veterans living with epilepsy and their families.

The Epilepsy Foundation of America established a national veterans committee to develop and distribute materials and information in conjunction with the VA ECoE’s. The Epilepsy Foundation Oregon works closely with the ECoE in Portland to serve the veteran community in Oregon State.


For more information, contact any of the following:

Portland VA Medical Center
(503) 220-8262 ext 58330

US Dept. of Veterans

Direct Contact Information:
Phone: 800-332-1000