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Seizure Dogs

Seizure dogs that are specifically trained to help someone who is having a seizure are a type of service animal. Seizure dogs play a unique role for the individual they partner with. How a seizure dog can best help someone, young or old, depends on that person’s specific needs and abilities.

A seizure response dog may be trained to stay with a person or lie next to the person during a seizure, or the dog may be able to learn to bark to alert others or fetch help. There are also reports of seizure alert dogs that have learned to detect a seizure before the person is aware of it and warn the person with seizures in advance to sit down or move to a safe place. For a dog to help someone with seizures, they must undergo extensive training with a reputable trainer. This training should include basic skills training as well as training specific to responding to seizures.

Prison Pet Partnership is an Assistance Dogs International-accredited organization which trains service dogs in the Women’s prison in Gig Harbor, WA and provides dogs to people in WA, OR, ID and MT. is a $50 application fee and, aside from the cost of the food and supplies, the dog is free. Wait time can be 1-3 years.For more information on their programs you can email